Dove 10 vs 10
Dove wanted a campaign in reaction to the rise
in young girls using inappropriate anti-ageing products.
So, we created the "10 vs 10". A campaign that juxtaposes
pictures of 10-year-old girls, comparing carefree girls
with girls carrying out anti-ageing skincare routines,
accompanied with a provocative headline.


Appetising Ads
Over the years, smartphones have become
an integral part of our everyday lives and the sight
of apps is an everyday occurrence.
This coupled with the fact that Macca’s have been
driving customers to their mymacca’s app made us think,
why don’t we use apps to recreate our recognisable
menu items in an interesting visual way?

So, that’s what we did. Using minimalist but
eye-catching design, we transformed app icons
into some of McDonald’s most iconic food items.

Solo Kama Sutra
COVID-19 has put us in self-isolation, it was a tough
moment to everyone and it was even worse
for single people, amplifying the feeling of isolation.
Thinking of it, we wanted to help.

In order to bring wellness to those people
who were struggling to cope with this moment,
we created the Solo Kama Sutra. Two free guides
with solo sex positions and health information for
single people to enjoy themselves and cope this
sex-isolation in a fun and relaxed way.
For who was not single or was not in isolation anymore,
no problem! All the positions in each book
were compatible with each other.

We spread the campaign through website, social media
and street posters, allowing people to download
the e-book for free.

You can check the website here and download your guide!
I hope you enjoy it and have fun.

The Science of Feeling Good
Laser Clinics is backed by a lot of medical expertise.
But they don’t just promise you incredible clinical results,
they guarantee a confidence you can feel.
With these promises, we have launched a global campaign
under the new platform: ‘The Science To Feeling Good’

All Colours Against Racism
In 2014, in the most important Latin America soccer
championship, a famous Brazilian soccer player
was a victim of racism.

The fact touched all the Brazilians and for the
return match, we decided to send an important message.

We asked kids to colour drawings of players from
the Brazilian team as they saw them and we aired the
message on the highest-rated pay tv event on that day.